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February 25, 2021

Would You Like to Defer an Additional 100k-250k of Taxable Income?


by Ryan Whitley

As the end of the year approaches us, now is the time to consider some more in-depth income tax planning strategies. Depending on your age and income, having the ability to defer 100k – 250k of taxable income can be a useful tax planning tool to utilize.

Having the ability to defer taxable income may also help you qualify for a partial or full Qualified Business Income deduction under the right circumstances.

A Cash Balance Plan is commonly used to defer larger amounts than the typical 401(k).

Often, the financial industry thinks of adding a Cash Balance Plan in addition to a 401(k); however, we have occasionally recommended standalone plans with no 401(k) at all.

We are working toward some innovative planning in this space and currently have a few options in mind for dentists in their late 30s. While not the typical candidate when you think of a Cash Balance Plan (age is one contributing factor), over 80% of the practice contributions are still going towards the owners.

Cash Balance Plans must be set up by year-end and funded by tax filing time.

While everyone's situation is unique, Cash Balance Plans, when structured properly, can be a powerful resource from a retirement savings and tax planning perspective. If you would like to review your personal situation or year-end tax planning strategies, please feel welcome to connect.

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